Huzhou Zhanwang Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd, Pioneer in China’s Pharmaceutical Adjuvant Industry, with its tremendous achievements, has been awarded a number of reputations as National Hi-tech Enterprise, Provincial Credible & Green Enterprise.
Thanks to its production base, strictly in accordance with GMP supplemented by overall Quality Management, the company has passed in succession through GMP Examination, ISO9001 & ISO14001 Certification, Clean Production Audit, with some of its products certified by American FDA and European COS. With robust technical competitiveness and advanced equipment, it’s recognized as Provincial Hi-tech R&D Center. Devoted in the cause of building itself into a modernized enterprise, that covers R&D, production and sales of products centering on the pharmaceutical
adjuvant and novel and effective Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, and upholding the principle of human-orientation, ceaseless innovation and dedication to human health, as vividly embodied in the past decades of corporate development, each staff who always feels most privileged to offer excellent service, stands consistently is ready to cooperate with you.

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